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Are you interested in contributing to Wait til I tell you in one of the following ways? Leave a comment in the box below with your name, contact details and the topics you are interested in. (Your comment will not be published.)

Author interviews
Are you a recently published author who would like to share insights on writing and publishing? Submit your details for my author interviews slot.

Guest blogging
I love guest blogging – either doing it myself, or having people guesting on here. Do you blog about writing, books, TV, gender issues, micro-entrepreneurship, or related topics? If you fancy a spot of guest blogging, or would like to have me as a guest blogger, get in touch.

  1. Love to have you guest blog on mine, if you’re interested. I’m in process of updating my website, and, I suppose, my blog but until that happens, would love to have you guest blog there. I’d like to return the favor but maybe later, like this summer? Also would love to have you do an interview, but would like to wait for my current work in progress to come out, which should be by the end of the summer, or sooner I hope. Let me know if you’re interested in doing a guest blog for me, thanks, Lisa


  2. I like this idea of involvement and one I think I will use (steal) for my blog. I have seen guest articles on other blogs too which add some depth and a different angle to writings.

    I am new to blogging and still finding my way really so not sure I have a killer guest post to offer yet. But I do already have an interview on there you can use it is suitable : “A Chat with Chattey” about my thriller book “Politically Incorrect”.



  3. Ah! now Orla, just one rejection. Wait until you have wall full then you can cry into your milk.


  4. Hi Orla, I was at the launch of the Compass writers book last Thursday night and was very impressed. Your writing is wonderful and lovely – I was also interested in your idea of Bartering our skills. I tried Facebook to contact you without success, so I would love if you would contact me. I didn’t get a chance for a chat because you were so busy on the night. I have been reading your blogs and story plans and have learnt alot. Regards, Liz Walsh


  5. Hi Orla, I was checking to see how you’re getting on with the story. Any progress? MT


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